Frequently asked questions:

What happens if I exceed 5000 messages?

If you exceed 5000 messages, it would be an additional $69.95/month per 5000 messages; so if you were in the 5001-10,000 range, your monthly subscription cost would be $139.90 per month.

How can I use TablesReady across multiple locations?

We recommend a separate account for each location. The guest lists and notifications of each location are completely separate that way, so you won't have any confusion over which location a party belongs to.

Billing is easy too. We offer combined billing for all locations in a single monthly payment or separate billing for each location. Reach out to our Sales team with the numbers of locations you have and the approximate numbers of guests you serve across all locations per month and we can get back to you with a custom quote.

Do you offer any tablets, hardware, etc.?

We don't offer tablets or hardware because you don't need another device. TablesReady can be used on just about any mobile device or computer.

Can I change my Public Pages' URLs?

Your URLs will contain — there's no way to remove that. You can easily embed your Public Pages into your website for a seamless, white-labeled experience.

I'm a seasonal business. Can I use your service?

Absolutely! You can cancel or pause your account in the Settings > Billing section anytime. All of your account settings and information will remain intact; when you're ready to sign back up, head to, login, and re-subscribe!

Do you have any online training materials?

Check out our Getting Started Guide and bookmark our knowledgebase for answers to commonly asked questions! Our Customer Success team is also here to support you every step of the way.

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