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"When Bub's first opened we had to manage pick-ups as much as ordering. Yelling names, employing food runners, and even running the food ourselves before hustling back to continue cooking. It caused disruptions in service and the shouting negatively impacted guest experience. We switched to Tablesready about 6 months in and noticed immediate results. The space became less chaotic and people were able to enjoy their time at our event without being worried they would miss their order. The ability to sync it to our Square POS made the transition seamless and a no brainer to keep as part of our team moving forward."

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Product Features

Improve your customer experience and streamline your order pickup process.
Ditch the pagers and text your guests on the devices they're already carrying when their order is ready. (Hello, zero range limits!) Avoid crowded pickup areas, cold food, and wasted time delivering orders.

Use with Square POS, Register, and Store
Manage Takeout Orders

Flexible, Digital Waitlist
Reservations & Appointments

Customizable Notifications
2-Way Chat

Self-Service Ordering
Use as a KDS

Real-Time Page Updates
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Fully Embeddable
Fully Customizable

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Less than the cost of a lost or
unhappy customer.

Flexible Digital Waitlist

We've designed our waitlist management system from the ground-up to be customizable and flexible to meet the needs of almost any waiting situation.

Customizable Notifications

What you say, when you want to say it, through manual and automated messages. We also offer 2-way texting just in case you need to get in touch!

Online Check-In & Reservations

Save time all around and let your customers add themselves to your waitlist or book an appointment online. Embed your check-in page into your website, create a QR code, or use our handy SMS sign-up feature. 

White-Labeled Branding

Your guests, customers, patients (etc.) who interact with your waitlist see your custom messaging and branding — not ours!

For 2,500 Messages

  • 2,500* texts and calls for one low price — about the same monthly cost as replacing your lost or broken coaster pagers.
  • Public Waitlist & Check-in Page
  • Online Appointments & Reservations
  • Estimated Wait Times
  • Square POS Integration
  • Embed into Your Website
  • Cancel Anytime
  • TLS Encryption
  • Email Support from Real, Live Humans
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