Integrate with Square POS

Automatically pull in customer and order information when you connect your Square account.

Facilitate Curbside Pickup

Have customers wait in their cars until their order is ready. Custom notes fields allow you to ask for helpful information, such as vehicle make and model. 

Maintain Social Distancing

Limit the number of customers in your store. Create a QR code so customers can scan it and add themselves to your waitlist then go about their business. They'll receive a text when it's time to come back and shop.

Save Time & Effort

All out of a product someone ordered? Get their attention quick with our 2-way texting feature. No more unread emails or games of phone tag.

Engage Your Guests

You can pass on more than "Your order is ready" or "it's time to shop" - it's customizable and lets you highlight specials, promote events, or even link to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. TablesReady is part of the experience.

Lose the Crowds, Not the Customers

Texting customers frees them from waiting in line to shop. Crowds by the front door are big deterrents to potential guests, and there is nothing worse than losing a customer. TablesReady keeps your doorways clear and your customers safe.

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