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Quick-Service Order Management
& Food Truck Paging System

quick service restaurant sms pickup notification

Stop Shouting Names & Eliminate Pick-Up Chaos

If you love screaming names or order numbers, you'll hate TablesReady. (Sorry, not sorry!)

Just enter a customer's phone number and name or order number - however you track things - into TablesReady and when their order is ready, simply click a button to send a customizable order ready notification straight to their mobile phone.

quick service restaurant sms examples for order management and customer communication

Grow Your Business With Happier, Engaged Guests

You could send your guests an impersonal beep or buzz through an old-school pager, or you can use your own brand's voice to send automated food pickup notifications. Throw in SMS automations, two-way chat, and follow-up messages to promote specials or request reviews and you've got yourself an incredibly powerful suite of customer communication tools!

Of course, that's not to say that your vintage pagers are entirely useless — they make fantastic paperweights.

sync square orders and integrate square with a sms waitlist

Integrate with Square POS for Easier Food Ready Texts

Our direct integration with Square automatically pulls in customer and order information, so you can notify them when their order is ready with a simple click of a button. View order information directly on your waitlist and use TablesReady as a KDS.

Yep, that's right – what was already easy just got even easier.

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How TablesReady Works

how to add a guest to a quick service restaurant waitlist

Add a Guest to Your Waitlist

Simply click the green plus sign in the lower righthand corner to add the order number, guest's phone number, name, and any applicable notes.

Automatically importing your orders with Square makes using TablesReady even easier!

Text When Their Order is Ready

One click is all it takes. When you're ready for your guest to pick up their food, click the Notify button on your waitlist to send your Ready SMS.

send a text message when your guests food order is ready
manage a virtual waitlist and orders for a quick service restaurant

Mark As Served

After your guest has picked up their order, simply click the green checkbox under Actions to mark them as served. Next!


Thousands of Happy Customers Can't Be Wrong

All of Our Plans Include

  • Flexible, Digital Waitlist

  • Square POS Integration

  • Customizable Notifications

  • Estimated Wait Times

  • Data Exports

  • Real-Time Page Updates

  • Fully Embeddable

  • Public View to See Their Place

  • Pick-Up Order Management

  • SMS Sign-Up

  • 2-Way Chat

  • Detailed Analytics

  • Supports All Devices

  • No Downloads Required

  • Fully Customizable

Upfront Pricing, No Hidden Fees

Flexible Digital Waitlist

We've designed our food order pickup notifications & waitlist management system from the ground-up to be fully customizable and flexible to meet the needs of almost any waiting situation.

Customizable Notifications

What you say, when you want to say it. We also offer 2-way texting just in case you need to get in touch!

Take your business to new heights by asking for reviews in a follow-up SMS.

Sync With Square POS

Automatically pull in customer and order information when you connect your Square account. Data syncs between cashier and order pickup station tablets in real-time.

White-Labeled Branding

Your customers who interact with your waitlist will see your custom messaging and branding – not ours!

For 2,500 Messages

  • 2,500* texts and calls for one low price — about the same monthly cost as replacing your lost or broken coaster pagers.
  • Public Waitlist & Check-in Page
  • Organized Pick-Up Order Management
  • Estimated Wait Times
  • Square POS Integration
  • Embed On Your Website
  • Cancel Anytime
  • TLS Encryption
  • Email Support from Real, Live Humans
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*Monthly messages are limited to 1,000 outside the US & Canada. Contact sales if you think you'll need more domestic or international messages.

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