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Setting Up Your Waitlist
Setting Up Appointment Scheduling
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TablesReady admin reservation view on tablet

Setting Up Your Waitlist

Start using your new waitlist in a few minutes.

Customize Your Notifications

Go to the Settings > Notifications section to enable, disable, and customize specific notifications. Learn more about notification customization.

Configure Your Waitlist

Choose your default wait time, displayed fields and other options in the Settings > Waitlist Options section of your account.

Customize Your Public Pages

Add your logo and change the colors, headings, and display options for your public-facing pages in Settings > Public Pages. Learn more about public pages in our help docs.

Setup Self-Service Check In

Create a QR code, enable SMS Sign-Up, or embed your Waitlist into your website for a contactless, self-service check-in experience for your customers.

Waitlist sign up screen example on a tablet device

Accept Appointments Online

Accept appointment online with our built-in scheduler.

Setup your Schedule

You can setup one schedule or multiple schedules (i.e. lunch service and dinner service, different schedules for curbside pickup vs. in-store shopping, different employees, etc.) in Settings > Schedules. Learn more about setting up your schedule.

Setup your Services

Head to Settings > Services and create all the services you offer. Choose the duration and the schedule each Service uses! Learn more about setting up your services.

Setup your Resources

Resources must be enabled and setup in the Settings > Resources section for online scheduling to work. Your Resources can be tables, station / counters, or your store. Learn more about setting up your resources.

Setup Self-Service Check In

Choose how many appointments you can accept per time slot, how often you offer reservations / appointments, and more in the Settings > Reservation Options section of your account. Learn more about setting up a reservation system.

TablesReady Video Tutorials:

Two Minute Waitlist Setup

Your Waitlist is ready to use right away and can be further customized to fit your business's needs in the Settings > Waitlist Options section.

Customize Your Public Pages

Go to Settings > Public Pages to customize your Waitlist so it matches your business's branding in under 2 minutes. Learn more about customizing your public pages.

Frequently asked questions:

How many text messages are included with my subscription?

You will receive 5000 text messages per month. Think you might need more? Reach out to us below to get a custom quote.

Do you offer any tablets, hardware, etc.?

We don't offer tablets or hardware because you don't need another device. TablesReady can be used on just about any mobile device or computer.

Are there any contracts?

No! Our service is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime.

I'm a seasonal business. How can I cancel my account?

You can cancel in the Settings > Billing section anytime. All of your account settings and information will remain intact; when you're ready to sign back up, head to, login, and re-subscribe!

Do you have any additional online training materials?

Bookmark our knowledgebase for setup guides and answers to commonly asked questions!

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