Automate Your Wait

You're busy serving your customers and can't manage the front desk - no problem! Setup a tablet so guests can check themselves in or embed your 'Add to Public Waitlist' page into your website.

Keep Your Customers in the Loop

Confirmation texts can include links to view your waitlist online. Customers can check their place in line. You can also send next-in-line notifications automatically when someone gets to be first, second, third, etc., in line.

Take Appointments In-Person or Online

Include your scheduled bookings right within your waitlist, so it's easy to see whether you can serve a walk-in or need to take care of an appointment first. 

Learn Your Business

Use the Analytics function of our waitlist app to help you understand your wait time trends by day or hour. You can also track your repeat customers. Use all this information to run your business better and make your customers happier.

Engage Your Guests

You can pass on more than "It's time for your appointment!" - TablesReady notifications are customizable and let you highlight specials, promote events, or even link to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. 

Say Goodbye to Lines

Customers that walk-in and see long lines or a lot of people waiting are more likely to walk away. The more you can virtualize your wait by quickly letting people add themselves to your list then go about their business, the more you will be likely to retain. Let your customers wait on their terms, and they'll come back.

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