Automate Your Wait

Set up a tablet so guests can add themselves to your list using our public waitlist feature. They can track their place in line, and you can even automatically notify them you're ready when they're first or second in line.

Increase Player Satisfaction

Texting patrons frees them to enjoy other parts of your casino instead of waiting in one place all night. This will drive repeat visits, positive reviews, and word-of-mouth advertising.

Track Your High Rollers

TablesReady keeps track of everyone's visits and wait time data so you can take care of your VIPs. See how long their waits are at a glance so you can keep them happy.

Plan Your Staffing & Save Money

All your valuable wait time and guest information is lost when you use pagers or notepads. TablesReady tracks it all and presents it in easy-to-use charts to help you manage your staff, shorten waits, and increase profits.

Engage Your Guests

You can pass on more than "Your table is ready" - it's customizable and lets you highlight specials, promote events, or even link to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Old pagers were an annoyance, TablesReady is part of the experience.

Say Goodbye to Lines

Few things turn people off more than lines. TablesReady will help you give guests good estimated wait times and let them enjoy other parts of your casino - they won't even realize they're waiting!

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