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Quick-Service Restaurant Waitlist Management

Ditch your expensive pager system, say goodbye to shouting names.

  • Add diner to waitlist from cashier station by name or order number (or automatically import it if you use Square)
  • Text diner when food is ready
  • Data syncs between stations in real-time
  • Mark as served when picked up from pickup station
No Expensive Pagers

Use your guests' cell phones instead of expensive pager systems. No more big upfront investments in hardware or replacing pagers that break or "walk off" every few weeks. Juggling a hungry crowd is tough — make it easier by replacing pagers with instant notifications from TablesReady.

Better than Shouting

Food gets cold and clutters your counter. Guests use the restroom or read their phones and don't hear their name called. Just enter a customer's phone number and name or order number (however you track things) into TablesReady and click to notify your guests in seconds.

Plan Your Staffing & Save Money

All your valuable wait time and guest information is lost when you use pagers or notepads. TablesReady tracks it all and presents it in easy-to-use charts to help you manage your staff, shorten waits, and increase profits.

Engage Your Guests

A text can pass on more than "Your food is ready" — it's customizable and lets you highlight specials, promote events, or even link to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Old pagers were an annoyance, TablesReady is part of the experience.

Integrates with Square
Square POS logo

Automatically pull in customer and order information when you connect your Square account.

Lose the Crowd, Not the Customers

Texting customers frees them from waiting on top of the cashier. Crowds by the cashier are big deterrents to potential guests, and there is nothing worse than losing a customer. TablesReady keeps your cahsier and order pickup areas clear.

TablesReady waitlist management and pager app screenshot