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The Top Waitlist App for Venue Tours

TablesReady is the top waitlist app for venues. Our digital service helps manage waitlist, appointments, and reservations quickly and easily. Our system is tailored to fit the unique needs of any venue, giving you the ultimate control and flexibility to ensure your tours run smoothly and professionally.

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The SMS Waitlist App That's Trusted by Thousands of Restaurants and Businesses

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TablesReady waitlist app Features for venue tours

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Keep your venue tour waitlist organized with TablesReady

As the premier venue tour waitlist app, helping you keep your waitlist organized and running smoothly. With our easy-to-use interface, you can easily manage your venue tour reservations and appointments, making sure you never miss out on a booking. Plus, our powerful analytics feature provides insight into your busiest times, your important data and help you ensure your staffing is optimized.

Free up your employees' time by allowing self check-ins on your tour waitlist

For venue tours, TablesReady is the top waitlist app that can save your business time and money. Our self-check-in system is easy to use and allows your staff to focus on what's important - delivering a great experience for your customers. With TablesReady, your customers can quickly check in on their own, freeing up your employees' time to prioritize their time where it matters most.

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Book venue tour appointments or reservations quickly and easily

TablesReady is the top waitlist app for venue tour businesses. Our easy-to-use platform lets you quickly and easily book venue tour appointments and reservations, saving you time and stress. With TablesReady, you can manage your entire tour schedule in one place, prioritize waitlisted customers, and provide customers with real-time updates on their bookings.

Send & receive SMS notifications

Venues can benefit from TablesReady's top waitlist app to send and receive SMS notifications for the customers entire visit. Cut down on no-shows with automated reminders and increase customer satisfaction with timely communication. With TablesReady, venues can easily manage their waitlist, reservations, and customer base easily and professionally.

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Create a seamless venue tour guest booking & waitlist experience with TablesReady

TablesReady is the perfect venue tour waitlist app. With its efficient digital waitlisting, appointment scheduling, and reservation services, your tour guests will enjoy a seamless, stress-free experience. TablesReady eliminates long lines and wait times, creating an organized and efficient system for your clients. Plus, its user-friendly interface ensures a professional and organized experience for your staff and guests.

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All of Our Plans Include

  • Flexible, Digital Waitlist
  • Square POS Integration
  • Customizable Notifications
  • Estimated Wait Times
  • Data Exports
  • Reserve with Google Integration
  • Real-Time Page Updates
  • Fully Embeddable
  • Public View to See Their Place
  • Pick-Up Order Management
  • SMS Sign-Up
  • Saved Replies
  • 2-Way Chat
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Supports All Devices
  • No Downloads Required
  • Fully Customizable
  • Quick, Friendly Email Support

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Flexible Digital Waitlist

We've designed our food order pickup notifications & waitlist management system from the ground-up to be fully customizable and flexible to meet the needs of almost any waiting situation.

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Customizable Notifications

What you say, when you want to say it. We also offer 2-way texting just in case you need to get in touch!

Take your business to new heights by asking for reviews in a follow-up SMS.

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Sync With Square POS

Automatically pull in customer and order information when you connect your Square account. Data syncs between cashier and order pickup station tablets in real-time.

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White-Labeled Branding

Your customers who interact with your waitlist will see your custom messaging and branding – not ours!


For 2,500 Messages

  • 2,500* texts and calls for one low price — about the same monthly cost as replacing your lost or broken coaster pagers.
  • Public Waitlist & Check-in Page
  • Organized Pick-Up Order Management
  • Estimated Wait Times
  • Square POS Integration
  • Embed On Your Website
  • Cancel Anytime
  • TLS Encryption
  • Email Support from Real, Live Humans

*Monthly messages are limited to 1,000 outside the US & Canada. Contact sales if you think you'll need more domestic or international messages.

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