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Hospitals, ERs, Clinics, and Doctors' Offices Waitlist

Text Patients When Their Provider Is Ready.

  • Add patients to waitlist
  • Text patient when provider is ready
  • Mark as served
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Benefits for Hospitals, ERs, Clinics, and Doctors' Offices

Better than Pagers

Hospitals and medical centers often use expensive pager systems that cost thousands upfront and every time one is lost or broken, but their limited range and inability to penetrate concrete walls can be a major problem in large facilities. Plus, ensuring the buzzers remain clean for the next patient is a constant headache.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Sterile waiting rooms are no fun for patients, who already have enough on their minds. Let patients and their families run errands or wait wherever they're most comfortable — they'll be happier and more loyal.


All data and connections are securely encrypted. See our blog post about waitlist apps and HIPAA to learn more.

Plan Your Staffing & Save Money

All your valuable wait time and patient information is lost when you use pagers or notepads. TablesReady tracks it all and presents it in easy-to-use charts to help you manage your staff, shorten waits, and hit your margins.

Engage Your Patients

A text can pass on more than "Your provider is ready" - it's customizable and lets you highlight health tips, news, or events.

Customer testimonial

"We started paging our patients almost 20 years ago using restaurant-style coaster pagers. We had many problems with that method over the years, with pagers being dropped, taken home, or just defective. We even switched pager companies three different times. 2 years ago we decided it was time to try something different so we gave TablesReady a shot. Even though the name suggests use in a restaurant, it is a great solution for healthcare settings, too. Because it is web-based, our front desk employees can add patients to the list right from their desk, and the Medical Assistants can page the patient from their computers in the back at their station. We have been very happy with the product and would recommend it for other clinics."

—Circle of Life Women's Center - Ogden, UT

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