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New features for public waitlist

We are pleased to announce the release of a more powerful public waitlist that is highly customizable to meet your needs.

Decide which fields to show on your waitlist


Use this to ask for the info you need when people add themselves to your public waitlist, and to choose what you want displayed in the public waitlist view mode.

Choose to show only the first letter of the name, whether you want to ask for or display the group size, whether you want to have the column headers for the waitlist table or not, if you want to show part of the phone number or a column with the position in line, and so on.

Customize the names of the fiels in your waitlist, and add a drop-down


If you're a deli and want to use ticket numbers instead of their name, change the name field to "Ticket Number."

If you want to use the Notes/Special requests field for your services offered, change the name to whatever you want, and type in the options you want people to choose from, which will appear as a drop-down:


Change the public waitlist theme by selecting all your own colors

Scroll to the bottom of the Public Waitlist preferences section, and you can update the look and feel by adding all your own colors to every element in the public waitlist. Get crazy!