Benefits of Our Waitlist App

Make your customers happier, save yourself time and money, and grow your business when you use our digital waitlist management system.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

  • Guests can wait where and how they want. This helps long waits go by more quickly, reducing the likelihood of abandoning. Nobody is forced to carry a bulky, dirty buzzer, which is widely seen as a negative customer experience.
  • Loyal customers can be recognized and rewarded with our CRM center.
  • Keep your hosts meeting and greeting your arriving guests, instead of wasting their time tracking people down. A friendly, cheerful hostess who has everything under control at the tip of her fingers will start each guest's experience off on the right foot.
  • Never miss a name scribbled on your paper waitlist. The #1 driver of waiting customer frustration is when people who arrived later than they did get served before them.


  • Eliminate crowds in your foyer and by your host stand and stop losing guests that balk before even getting in line. If you get slammed, you can use multiple tablets to enter guest information. Data will sync automatically in real-time across multiple devices.
  • Quote more accurate wait times to reduce abandoned waits. When hosts get stressed, their wait time quotes explode, but actual waits end up being as little as half the quote! This is a sure way to deter guests from waiting it out. TablesReady uses your historical data and your current waitlist size to improve quoted wait time accuracy significantly.
  • Turn more tables by efficiently managing the waitlist to ensure the next party is always ready to go. You can quickly filter, search, and sort your TablesReady waitlist to ensure the right group gets to the host stand when you need them. You can easily see how long it's been since you paged someone, so you can text or call them again. Encourage guests to respond to your texts to cancel or confirm so your host knows whether to wait or move on to the next group.
  • Promote specials and social media in your SMS notifications. Get more Likes or followers so you can market to them later.


  • Save time. You can get started today, with no tedious sales calls or software demonstrations required. It takes only a few minutes to create your free trial account, and just a few more minutes to learn how to use it. (This makes training your staff quick and easy, too.) Since TablesReady will run on pretty much any internet-connected device, you can just grab that tablet that's been sitting on the shelf and have everything up and running in minutes!
  • Save money. Use our beautiful and easy to understand charts to help you understand your wait times so you can improve your staff scheduling. And, of course, avoid paying the exorbitant costs of a coaster paging system!

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