Retail Waitlist

Upgrade your manual system for tracking in-store orders.

  • Add customers to waitlist with an appropriate quoted time (days instead of minutes)
  • Let customers go about their business
  • Text customers when their order is ready for pickup in store
  • Mark as served
TablesReady waitlist app and SMS pager system screenshot

Benefits for Retail

Orders Are Just Another Waitlist

Just like waiting for a table at your local restaurant, except the quoted wait times are on the order of days or weeks instead of minutes. Just add customers to your system with an appropriate quoted time, and they'll show up at the top of your waitlist around when you expect their item to have arrived. Then, just click a button to notify them.

Save Time & Money

Don't lose track of customers or their orders by just using your inventory system or worse, pen and paper, to manage your waitlist. Keep it organized and in one place with TablesReady, so customers can get their items and you can get paid quickly.

Don't Over-Complicate It

Avoid a complicated integration between your ordering system, your point of sale, and any customer relationship software. Just add customers by name and phone number (you can also add their order number, if you'd like), then click to text them when you're ready. Our software is simple to use for even high-turnover employees.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Texts are a great way to let people know their purchase is ready for pickup. Emails get lost and people have to actively delete them. Notifications like this are perfect for texts, because you get the information quickly and don't need to do anything with the message.

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