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Bowling Alleys Waitlist

Find Waiting Bowlers Quick. Keep Your Lanes Filled.

  • Add bowlers to waitlist
  • Text diners when their lane ready
  • Mark as served
TablesReady waitlist app and SMS pager system screenshot

Benefits for Bowling Alleys

Better Than Pen & Paper

Hunting down guests by physically dialing them or by searching your bowling alley takes time and means your hosts aren't greeting guests. Enter the same information into TablesReady and click to notify your guests in seconds. Save even more time when guests text back to confirm or cancel.

Plan Your Staffing & Save Money

All your valuable wait time and guest information is lost when you use pagers or notepads. TablesReady tracks it all and presents it in easy-to-use charts to help you manage your staff, shorten waits, and increase profits.

Engage Your Guests

You can pass on more than "Your lane is ready" - it's customizable and lets you highlight specials, promote events, or even link to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Make the wait a positive part of the experience.

Lose the Crowd, Not the Customers

Texting customers frees them from waiting on top of the front desk. Crowds by the front door are big deterrents to potential bowlers, and there is nothing worse than losing a customer. TablesReady keeps your front desk area clear and your lanes full.

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