All Mixed Up: The Best Song Request App for DJs

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Kendall Burke


September 19, 2023

Hi, I’m Kendall! I’m the Head of Customer Experience here at TablesReady by day, and a New Orleans-based DJ by night.

Being a DJ in the vibrant and beautifully chaotic city of New Orleans comes with its own set of challenges and unique demands, but at the end of the day, I’m always measuring my success by how engaged and happy the people on the dance floor are. Having spent over a decade in customer-facing roles, I’m always looking for ways to give guests the best experience I can — all while growing my personal brand in this bustling music scene.

When I’m DJ Warm Advice, it’s my job to keep the party poppin’, and that means playing songs the crowd wants to hear, not just my own personal repertoire of favorite bops and beats. However, managing song requests in the midst of a lively dance party with music booming from all directions is no easy task, and an hour into the first ever dance party that I DJed, it became apparent that the traditional methods of using pen and paper or shouting over the noise just wasn't cutting it.

That's when I decided — mid-set — to implement the waitlist app I support on a daily basis to manage song requests. After all, I do spend my days boasting about how robust and customizable TablesReady is, why not put my money where my mouth is? Spoiler alert: within minutes, it was a game-changer that has revolutionized the way that I connect with my audience and grow my business. Read on to learn how and why!

DJ Warm Advice playing requested songs at the club

The DJ Song Request Challenge

Picture this: a packed dance floor, excited patrons, and excited guests lining up to tell you what they want to hear.

While it's a fantastic feeling to know that the crowd is engaged and feels comfortable enough to approach you, it can also be overwhelming to keep track of all the requests to ensure that everyone's favorite songs get played. Not to mention the fact that active listening is hard when you’re blasting beats or making a live mashup, and having someone scream into your ear is never a comfortable feeling (…or sanitary, for that matter).

Jotting down song requests on a piece of paper or trying to shout over the music to communicate with the audience wasn’t a tenable solution for me. These methods are not only inefficient but also disruptive to the overall atmosphere I want to create. That's when I realized I needed a modern solution that could seamlessly integrate with the late night dance party scene.

Solving My Crowd Song Request Problem with TablesReady

TablesReady turned out to be the perfect fit for my DJ needs. The robust, easy-to-use system offers a range of features that have completely transformed the way that I interact with my audience and manage their song requests.

  • QR Code Generator: TablesReady provides a QR code that I display prominently during my sets. This allows patrons to easily submit song requests using their phones, eliminating the need for paper lists or shouting matches. With no app to download or lengthy signup form, it's incredibly user-friendly and streamlined, making it accessible to everyone, even in the midst of a lively crowd.
  • Text Notifications: One of the standout features of TablesReady is its ability to send text notifications to patrons when their requested song is up next, or using the 2-way chat feature to get clarification on a request. Actively being able to communicate with patrons ensures that no one misses a beat and that they’re on the dance floor when their requested track drops. It's a game-changer in terms of keeping the energy on the dance floor high and making people feel as though they’re an active part of the party.
  • Follow-Up SMS: Beyond just managing song requests, TablesReady has proven to be a valuable tool for growing my brand. The follow-up SMS feature allows me to send thank you messages to patrons and to share updates on future events. This personal touch has not only enhanced the customer experience, but it has also organically grown my following across my social media channels and increased traffic to my website.

Using TablesReady as a DJ song request app

Benefits of Using TablesReady for Your DJ Business

Since implementing TablesReady into my DJ setup, I've witnessed a significant improvement in various aspects of my career:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: TablesReady has elevated the customer experience at my events by providing a convenient and interactive way for patrons to engage with the music. They appreciate the ease of making song requests and receiving text notifications when their songs are playing.
  • Streamlined Operations: Using TablesReady as a DJ song request system has streamlined my song request management, allowing me to focus more on my performance and less on administrative tasks. It has dramatically improved the overall flow of my sets and contributed to a better atmosphere on the dance floor.
  • Brand Growth: The follow-up SMS feature has been instrumental in growing my brand and keeping the audience informed about upcoming gigs and events, and having my waitlist embedded on my website helps has increased lead generation and landed me future gigs.


TablesReady Changes the Game for DJ Song Management

When I started looking for a solution to make my night job easier, I was certainly hopeful that my day job would be the answer — I just didn’t anticipate it to be such a massive game-changer for me.

The QR code generator, two-way text notifications, and follow-up SMS features have not only made song request management a breeze but it gives me a more polished, sleek and professional presentation — so much so that people think I’ve been doing this for years, when I only celebrated my one year anniversary of being a DJ earlier this month.

If you're a DJ looking to enhance your performance and to connect with your audience on a whole new level, I highly recommend giving TablesReady a try. It's the modern solution that has transformed my DJing experience in the heart of the Big Easy.

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