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Recommended waitlist settings for a pharmacy

TablesReady has a number of pharmacies using our waitlist to notify their customers when their prescription is ready. It's super useful, because it allows customers to freely shop the store while they're waiting, and it allows pharmacists and clerks to be efficient in not having to track down customers.

Recently, one pharmacy wrote in asking for help customizing the settings for their environment. We figured we'd share our suggestions.

Waitlist settings

  • Set default wait time to 0 minutes. You probably don't need to use the quoted wait time feature.
  • Set default party size to 1.
  • Only display the "Arrival Time" and "Wait Time" fields. You don't need party size or quoted time.
  • Set "Auto-remove waiting parties" to "Never." Sometimes, you can't fill a prescription same-day, so you want your waiting parties to stay on your list until you can text them that you're ready.
  • You probably don't want the public waitlist enabled.

Things should look like this:

Display settings

Scroll all the way down to get to these settings.

  • Set customer label to "Customer," since you're not dealing with parties.
  • Optionally, set your appointments label to "appointments" instead of "reservations."
  • Don't check the other boxes.

Things should look like:

We hope this helps you get off and running!