Dynamic Content in Your Alert Notifications

Posted by

Mike Errecart


May 18, 2018

Another new feature we released today is the ability to add dynamic content to your customized alert notifications.‍

Your new dynamic content options are:

  • {link} - if your Public Waitlist "View" mode is enabled, you can send your customers a link to their place in line. It will contain a code that's unique to them, so it will automatically highlight their spot in line, as well as hide the names on the list after theirs.
  • {note} - if you'd like to be able to give your customers additional information in your notifications, you can use this. If you're an event planner, and people can sign up for face painting or balloon animals, if you put their selection in your "Note" field, you can make your ready notification something like: "We're ready for you! Please head to the {note} area to be served."
  • {name} - Use your guest's name in your notification. "Hi {name}!"
  • {size} - Incorporate the group size: "Your party of {size} has been added to the waitlist."
  • {quoted} - "We've added you to our list and should be able to serve you in {quoted} minutes."

Happy alerting!

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