9 Ways a Waitlist App Can Promote Social Distancing During COVID

Posted by

Kendall Burke


September 7, 2020

As if starting and running a business isn't hard enough, many of you are now facing the challenge of reopening your business during an ongoing pandemic. With social distancing being a part of the New Norm™, it's important that your business takes the proper precautions to keep your customers — and you — safe!

Here's how a waitlist app can help you:

1. Let guests check themselves in

Search for a waitlist app that allows guests to add themselves to your waitlist — you'll reduce unnecessary contact right off the bat! You can also use a greeter or host to meet people at the door that can add people to the list.

2. Create a QR code and put it on display in your window

Customers walking by can scan your QR code and add themselves to your waitlist without interacting with anyone or touching anything.

3. Avoid waitlist apps that require your customers to download something

Downloading an app is oftentimes a roadblock and might make a guest want to move on to their next options — set yourself up for success and find a web-based waitlist app with no downloads necessary.

4. Embed your public check-in page on your website

We make it easy to embed your waitlist or check-in page so your customers can add themselves or view wait times before they even leave the house!

5. Use your waitlist app to inform customers their curbside pickup orders are ready

Have customers wait in their cars and avoid crowds in your foyer and outside the door. Pro-tip: add information to your order confirmation texts letting your customers know the procedure 😎

You can ask your customers to reply when they arrive with the make & model of their car or their parking spot number so you can easily find them. (TablesReady makes this even easier with our Square integration, so your orders flow right into our system. It also works with their online orders.)


6. Add a link to your waitlist in your SMS notifications

Your customers can click the link and check their spot in line anytime from a distance without having to ask anyone.

7. Clearly set expectations with your customers

Want your customers to wait in their car or text you when they've arrived? Add text to all of your public-facing pages and website to let them know upfront and avoid contact until you're ready! You can also send a link to a COVID screening questionnaire.

8. Utilize 2-way texting

Need to update a customer about their wait time or ask a question about their party? Avoid wading through a crowd of humans and get yourself a waitlist app with 2-way texting. (Hint: TablesReady can help you out with that.)

9. Sanitize often

This is less about social distancing, but it's equally important. We haven't found a way to douse you in antibacterial hand gel (yet), so this one's on you. Keep hand sanitizer handy and use it. Often. Make it accessible for your customers, too: put bottles on tables, on the bar, by the entrance, on the host stand... you get the point 😊

Reopening a business in the midst of a pandemic isn't something you planned for 2020, but we're here to help!

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