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Let Your Guests Wait Where They Want With Our Text Messaging-Based Waitlist App

  • No dirty pagers to touch
  • Embeddable, self-service waitlist app
  • Automated texting app
  • SMS self-signup app to reserve table or a spot in line
  • Guests can wait from their cars, not your foyer

We make it cheaper and easier to manage your wait list, order backlog, and just about any other waiting scenario with simple text messages.

See how our text messaging-based waitlist app is used in your industry:

Benefits for Quick Service Restaurants

Streamline Order Pickup

Food gets cold and clutters your counter. You can't find a guest and they don't hear their name. Just enter a customer's phone number and name or order number into TablesReady and click to notify your guests in seconds.

Faster Than You Think

Yes, it takes a few extra seconds to enter a customer's name and phone number into our system (or Square if you're using our integration), but your staff will get very efficient as they get used to it. The efficiency gains in your kitchen and pickup area are more than worth it.

Keep Guests Coming Back

You can say more than "Your order is ready" — our notifications are customizable and let you highlight specials, promote events, or even link to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

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Benefits for Full Service Restaurants

Social Distancing & Contact Tracing

You can't have parties waiting in your foyer. Take their names and let them know when their table is ready. You can also export the data you need to contact groups if there is a need for contact tracing.


Doing more to-go business? Enter orders into the system and send them a confirmation message that asks them to reply with the make & model of their car when they arrive for pickup. Need to shift from walk-ins to reservations? We've got both, with no per-cover charges.

Ditch the Pagers

Pagers are costly, outdated, dirty, and require your guests to stay within close proximity or risk missing their page. With TablesReady, your guests' phone is their pager — and you can guarantee that won't end up in a garbage can somewhere 😉

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Benefits for Health Care

Contactless Check-In

Patients can text when they've arrived instead of coming inside. You can control the flow of traffic and keep your patients (and your staff!) safer.

Promote Social Distancing

Avoid spreading germs and keep your waiting rooms clear. With TablesReady, your patients can wait outside or in their cars until you text them it's time to come in.

Upload Your Appointments

You can upload your appointments into TablesReady and we'll handle the rest, from automatic reminder SMS messages to the check-in process.

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Benefits for Hotels & Resorts

Let Your Guests Roam

Let your guests explore your grounds or grab a drink or snack while they wait for their room to be ready — use the Next-In-Line notification to let them know it's time to stop exploring and head back to the check-in desk!

Engage with Your Guests

Check-in and check-out don't need to be your only interactions with your guests. Use the Follow-up SMS message to clue your guests in on happy hour specials, events, or a friendly reminder to book a cabana!

Manage Multiple Waitlists

Setup multiple accounts to manage your check-in desk, conceirge, bar, restaurant, pool — anywhere people are queueing! Offer self-service signup and have your guests wait in their rooms instead of in your lobby. Help maintain social distancing while guests still make the most of their stays!

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Benefits for Entertainment & Events

Say Goodbye to Lines

Who likes waiting in line? Absolutely no one. With TablesReady, guests can add themselves to an attractions' waitlist and enjoy the rest of the park until it's their turn.

Public Check-In Kiosk

Turn a tablet into a self-service public check-in kiosk so guests can add themselves and continue adventuring and enjoying your space.

Display Estimated Wait Times

Display your public waitlist on a screen so guests know upfront what kind of wait time to expect — and how many other attractions they can fit in first 😉

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Benefits for Dispensaries

Accept Appointments Online

Registration and consultations can take time — offer your patients and customers the option to schedule an appointment online instead. They'll skip the frustration of waiting, and you'll be able to plan your staffing better.

Lose the Lines

What's worse than standing in line? Standing in line with the munchies. Let your patients and customers know upfront how long their wait will be so they can grab a snack or take care of an errand.

Offer In-Store and Curbside Pickup

Automate order pickups with TablesReady. Patients and customers can schedule an in-store or curbside pickup — and don't worry, we'll send an automated reminder so they don't forget 😉

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Benefits for Retail

More Return Customers

Send automatic Followup SMS messages to let customers know about upcoming sales and specials, or link them to your social media pages to keep them in the loop!

Promote Social Distancing

Put a QR code on display in your window so customers can add themselves to your waitlist without stepping foot inside. Text customers when it's their time to shop, maintaing total control of your capacity.

Facilitate Curbside Pickup

Let customers order online and use automated SMS messages to update them on order status, pick-up time, etc. During pickup time, customers can wait in their cars for you to bring their order out. Custom notes fields allow you to ask for helpful information, such as vehicle make and model.

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Benefits for Personal Services

Take Appointments Online

Skip the phonetag and email Marco Polo and allow your clients to schedule appointments online instead. Embed your appointments page into your website or share it on your social media pages.

Self-Service SMS Signup

Allow clients to add themselves to your waitlist with a simple text message. Clients can view their place in line anywhere, anytime on your public waitlist.

More Return Customers

Use our automated Follow-Up SMS notifications to let customers know about upcoming specials, deals, and promos. Or, link to your social media pages and grow your audience.

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Benefits for Car Service Centers

No More Phone Calls

Skip the phone calls and text customers instead. You can send updates or quotes via the 2-way chat feature, or text them when their car is ready for pickup with the click of a button.

Self-Service SMS Sign-Up

Customers can add themselves to your waitlist with a simple text message and view their spot in line from anywhere. You'll save time taking appointments, and your customers will love knowing their up-to-date estimated wait time.

Engage with Your Customers

Use automated follow-up SMS messages to let customers know about specials, your social media pages, or share a coupon for a future visit.

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From Retail Waitlists to Restaurant Reservation Software and Everything In Between, See What Our Waitlist App Users Have to Say

"Easy, efficient, guest friendly and easy to train employees to use. Going on waits has been a lot smoother since using this application."

Sean Brown, COO, Common Man Family
Sean Brown
The Common Man Family of Restaurants
New Hampshire

"Excellent product. It is easy to use and train! I love how responsive support is when needed. Highly recommend TablesReady!"

Carol Cross titanic museum
Carol Cross
IT Business Solutions Executive
TITANIC Museum Attraction
Pigeon Forge, TN

"TablesReady has improved the customer service experience at our dealership. TablesReady allows customers to walk and ride loaner bikes knowing that the completion of their service is a cell phone page away."

Cole Collins Heuberger Subaru
Cole Collins
Service Manager
Heuberger Subaru
Colorado Springs, CO

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