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Worldwide waitlist

We sometimes get asked whether TablesReady's waitlist works in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and every other international market. We also get asked what happens if someone from another country needs to be added to the waitlist.

Good news! Our waitlist works in pretty much every country in the world. Just choose your country when you sign up, and then enter local phone numbers (without the country code) when adding people to your waitlist.

If you have an international visitor, just add their country code (e.g., +44) to the beginning of their phone number. TablesReady will take care of the rest.

We also get asked whether guests will incur additional SMS charges. The answer is that it depends on a lot of things, like the customer's plan, their carrier, their country, etc. The best way to test out what charges your carrier will bill you is to sign up for a free trial and send yourself a test message, then go check your bill.