Transportation and Logistics

Warehousing & Fulfillment Waitlist Management

Text Drivers When Their Loaded Trailer Is Ready.

  • Add drivers to waitlist or upload spreadsheet of the day's schedule
  • Text drivers when load is ready and where to pick up their paperwork
  • Mark as served
Modernize Your Manual Approach

Hunting down drivers by physically dialing them or banging on their trailer takes time and means your team isn't loading the next trailer. Enter basic information into TablesReady and click to notify drivers in seconds.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customers want their load on the road ASAP, and you need to free up the loading bay. Text messages will notify drivers wherever they are — whether they're napping, calling their wife, or grabbing a bite — so they can get on the road immediately.

Reduce Chargebacks

TablesReady tracks the timestamp of your notifications, so you can determine whether the warehouse or the transportation company is responsible for delays.

TablesReady waitlist management and pager app screenshot