TablesReady vs. Yelp Nowait

TablesReady and Nowait (now Yelp Waitlist) are both restaurant waitlist apps. The biggest feature difference is that Nowait has custom floormaps and server sections, while TablesReady has a highly streamlined waitlist but no table management.

Floormaps and server management can be great for highly trained staff and for analyzing minute details of your operation. But they also mean hours spent training your people, some of whom turn over frequently, and more mistakes with the system — errors that can cost you the small efficiency boost you were hoping for.

With TablesReady, when you see a table is about to free up, simply page the next right-sized party to let them know to come back. When they're seated, mark them as "served." It couldn't get any simpler. Why overcomplicate things?

Read on to find out which one is right for you.

Waitlist Feature Comparison

TablesReady vs. Yelp nowait

TablesReady nowait
Waitlist and reservation management
Table Management
Custom floormap and server sections
Intuitive & easy to use
Smart wait time quoting
Disable guests' ability to add
themselves to your waitlist
No app for guests to download
Independent from Yelp
Monthly cost $69.95 $299
No contract - cancel anytime
Up & running in minutes