Frequently Asked Questions About Our Waitlist App

How many pages can we send per month?

Each TablesReady account includes 5,000 messages in the US & Canada, or 1,000 messages internationally. If you think you'll need more than that, just contact sales for a quote.

What can we say in the text message?

Your text message can say whatever you want. TablesReady provides a default template that works well for most restaurants, but you are welcome to customize the message to suit your establishment's individual needs. Mention drink specials, promote your Facebook page, or remind your guests to check in on FourSquare. The possibilities are endless! (Nothing offensive, please.)

What's the word limit for a text message?

A text message, also known as an SMS or TXT, can be up to 160 characters long. Each letter and space in a message counts as one character (emojis and other special characters count as much more, however, so use them carefully). Don't worry about tediously counting the length of your message; the TablesReady settings form automatically keeps track as you type so you can't go wrong.

Can we change the text message later?

Absolutely! With TablesReady, you can change your text message and voice call scripts as often as you like. We've got you covered whether you want to "set it and forget it" or need to update every day with the chef's special.

Is TablesReady a CRM? What about marketing?

TablesReady is focused on providing the simplest waitlist app and mobile phone paging system available. This does include basic CRM capabilities, like keeping track of unique customers by their phone number. This makes it easier for you to know and track your repeat visitors and quickly add them to your waitlist. However, TablesReady is not a marketing platform and not a social media aggregator. Our goal is that any restaurant host or front desk clerk can learn the entire system in under 5 minutes. If you love training manuals, waiting on hold for customer support, and an overwhelming sense of confusion, prepare to be disappointed. You will feel comfortable using TablesReady right away. (If not, please call and tell us!)

Are there any limits during the free trial?

Only a message cap. You get all the great features of TablesReady with nothing held back only for paying customers. The service remains exactly the same once you start paying for it, except your message cap is removed.

What devices and browsers are supported?

TablesReady works well on most tablets, laptops, and desktops. We support Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge on Mac, Windows, and Linux, but Internet Explorer should not be used. The list of compatible devices is long and growing; if you have questions about a specific device or system configuration, give us a call or email.

What number will customers see on Caller ID?

When you send a voice call page, your restaurant's or business's phone number will show up on the recipient's Caller ID if you have verified your phone number (in Settings). It will look just the same as if you picked up your phone and called them by hand.

Because of anti-spam laws and other regulations, all text messages must originate from a number that can also receive text messages in return. Since your restaurant's land line telephone can't receive a text, pages can't come from your number. When you send a text message page, it comes from a TablesReady phone number.

What if someone calls the TablesReady number?

Sometimes a customer gets your text message page and decides to call the number. When they do, your phone will ring! Even though the TablesReady number is not your number, our system will intelligently route the call to you, and your customer will never know the difference.

How does it work with multiple locations?

Using TablesReady is easy no matter how many locations you operate. Each location is a separate user account in our system with its own email address and password. The guest lists of each location are completely separate, and you won't have any confusion over which location a party belongs to. Billing is easy too. We offer combined billing for all locations in a single monthly payment or separate billing for each location. If you need something special, we are happy to accommodate any reasonable request.

Not a restaurant? Not a problem!

We built TablesReady for restaurants, but many types of businesses need an efficient way to manage waiting. TablesReady works well in a wide array of industries. Don't be shy; if you think your company could benefit from an optimized wait process please call us! There is an experienced team member ready to discuss how TablesReady can improve your daily operations.

How long does it take to sign up?

It takes less than 5 minutes. Signing up is quick and easy, and your account will be ready to use as soon as you finish.

Who can answer my other questions?

A TablesReady employee will be happy to answer any question you have. Give us a call at 1-855-TXT-PAGE (1-855-898-7243). Unless it's past our bed time, your call will be answered by a real employee in America, not some outsourced call center. Don't be surprised to get the CEO on the line. We have a small team, and we love to talk with customers! If you prefer email just send one to [email protected] and we'll get right back to you.

Where in the world will it work?

Worldwide! Yes, America's premiere SMS restaurant pager system is now available internationally! International customers get the same great user experience and all the features available to American customers. That includes the simple yet powerful reservation and waitlist management software, paging by SMS or by voice call, wait time analytics, and 1,000 messages for one low monthly fee!

TablesReady in Canada and the UK use Canadian and UK phone numbers to send pages, respectively. This means your diners can receive our SMS or phone call notifications without paying extra! As with our American numbers, when a guest calls back to the number that sent the page, we forward the call to your restaurant or business.

TablesReady customers in the rest of the world will use a US phone number to send texts and make calls globally. This may mean your users incur an additional fee.

TablesReady is billed in US Dollars for all customers. We hope you'll still love us even though this one aspect of the service is not localized. If it's any consolation, we do it this way to keep the price low. To offer billing in other currencies, we would have to raise the price to offset the higher bank fees. You don't want to pay our bank fees, do you?