/ Quick Service Restaurants

Integrating Your Waitlist with Square

For quick-service restaurants, letting guests know when their food is ready in a quick and easy way is a constant challenge. Bringing in your order data from Square makes texting them when their food is ready super easy.

Alternatives suck

Pagers are a bummer because they're dirty and bulky and no customer wants to grab one. Plus, they are constantly getting lost or broken. We spoke with one customer who operates a QSR in LA that started with 40 pagers last month and is down to 20 today! At $80 a pop, replacing them gets expensive fast -- not to mention the up-front cost of the pager system itself!

Handing out number placards is OK, but then your staff spends a ton of time looking for where people are sitting. Did that group go outside? Are they in the restroom? Why can't I find them?! It's just not efficient.

Calling out names leads to a mess around your cashier or order pickup area, turning away new customers and leading to wrong orders being taken -- or orders not being taken at all. If you want to reduce stress in your life, this is not the way to go.

Digital waitlist apps are good, but...

After you've spent all the time entering in customer order information into your Point of Sales (POS), now you have to open up another app and enter in the customer's name and phone number.

Once you do that, you can easily text people when their food is ready and clear them from your screen when they pick it up. You get great data about how long your guests are waiting, and life is good. But can it be easier?

The first waitlist that's integrated with your POS

TablesReady launched its integration with Square at the beginning of 2018 to make it faster and easier for you to use our waitlist app.

First, connect your Square and TablesReady accounts:

  1. Authorize your Square account with TablesReady under "Settings" -> "Account"
  2. Select which location(s) you want to sync to our waitlist app
  3. If you want, you can hide Square transactions without a name or phone number, so only certain ones are displayed in TablesReady.
  4. Ensure "Customer Management" is enabled in your Square settings.

That's it!

Then, start taking orders in your Square Point of Sale app:

  1. Start taking an order. At any point in the order, even after you finish the transaction, click to add a customer to the order.

  2. Click to create a new customer.

  3. Enter the customer's name and phone number.

  4. Save the customer and click "Add to Sale."

The name, phone number, and receipt # will then automatically populate in your TablesReady waitlist. Then you can notify customers that their food is ready with the click of a button!